We understand that, our workers operates in an industry that is fast paced and inherently hazardous which is why Hoidena is committed to a policy where “everyone comes back home in same health condition as they left” and adherence to processes and procedures is our highest priority.

Our goal is zero harm:
• No personal injuries
• No damage to materials
• No damage external environment
• No occupational illnesses

Reporting procedures
Hoidena management continuously works to improve our routines to avoid injury to personnel and material. Every incident, near miss and potential hazard that may lead to injury, or damage to the environment, is reported immediately so that it can be learned from. Management also responsible, to inform our personnel, about incidents near misses, regarding to work scope.

Assessing risks
We believe that safety is all about the knowledge, communication and back up from colleagues. To avoid knowledge, our company requirement for climbers is to be trained minimum at Level 2 in SOFT or IRATA organization and experience in oil industry. Our employees are very motivated, that gives a good environment in the team, at work place.


MB „Hoidena“ VISION – become the most reliable organization, who provides such services as searching,
selection, hiring and recruitment workers in Lithuania.
MB „Hoidena“ MISION – to ensure satisfaction of clients' needs and expectations, compliance of services
with applicable legal and other requirements.

MB „Hoidena“ leadership is
C o m m i t t e d to:

• Continually improve the quality of the management system and ensure its compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.
• According to the need - to allocate necessary resources for successful working process of the organization and quality improvement of the provided services.
• Ensure the organization's competitiveness in the market, monitoring changes and making appropriate decisions.
• Ensure compliance of the provided services with the requirements and expectations of the clients and the legal and other requirements that apply to the service.
• Develop competence of the employee, motivate and create conditions for improvement.
• Encourage employees to submit bids and work actively in contributing to continuous improvement of the organization's activities.
• Elaborate quality objectives each year for the implementation of policy commitments, with the stated objectives of familiarizing employees with responsibility.
• Each year review and, it is necessary, update the Quality Policy to ensure its relevance to the organization's context and strategic directions.