About Us

MB Hoidena is newly formed company, which rents out highly qualified and skilled Rope Access Technicians, all over the world. Our goal is - most skilled RAT people in the market. And we want to achieve it by having skilled and experienced climbers in the company. It is very important to us, because then you don't need to guide worker certain working action. Then team works much safer, better and more effective. After these results, customer saves time and money. And we winning by getting new projects, because of good results.

MB Hoidena CEO and founder, Edgaras Bira is highly skilled SOFT and IRATA safety leader with total of 15 years experience climber and 12 of it as safety leader. In 2014 he become a SOFT course leader and 2016 examiner in SOFT Sertifisering AS. 

Many years of experience in oil fields gives a lot of knowledge and skills, which Edgaras is always glad to share with others and helps to find solutions.

We always consult, discuss, advice, we are flexible and open to negotiations.

Real people real progress

“Positive and hard working. Good attitude and very experienced in his craft” – Ramūnas.

Hans Christian Lange Koordinator ES / Axess

I will also at the same time compliment that your personnel joining us at project has been great to work with. Jurgis got great feedback from the team he was with, and I met him the day before he was heading onshore. Raimundas I had the pleasure to work with too.

Jannikke Berge Sales & Marketing Manager & IRATA Rope Access Manager

“I would like to thank for an excellent project, where we have gone over and above requirements to get the task complete early and with a very satisfied customer.”

Ryan Stephen Project Engineer / Axess

“Ewa and Jurgis have got very good feedback from the work leader at Petrojarl Foinaven :)”

Kristine Haukeland Personnel Coordinator / Axess

First and foremost it is Edgaras a skilled and proactive man who participate in the whole process. He is very skilled at finding solutions to the challenges we face in a our working environment. As security leader and rigger, he shows great competence and cleanliness. In addition, his compassionate qualities make him very easy to work with, is social and attentive. Can really recommend him.

Bjørnar B. Lundberg Team Leader / Axess

Very experienced and dedicated climber with a number of skill sets such as rigging, mechanical work and scaffolding. Always positive and ready to handle any task at hand.

Christopher F. Morales RAT Safety Leader / EagleSveis